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Excerpt from “The Impersonal Life”

y”…And here you are, Soul aweary and hungered, and not knowing where to turn, To You, I AM come.

Yes, to all of you who hunger for the true “Bread of Life,” I AM come.  Are you ready to partake? If so, then arouse yourself, Sit up.  Still your human mind and follow closely My Word herein spoken.  Or, you will turn away disappointed once more, with the aching hunger still in your heart.


Who am I?

I Who speak with such seeming knowledge and authority?


I AM you, that part of you who IS and KNOWS; WHO KNOWS ALL THINGS, And always knew and always was. Yes, I AM You, Your SELF, that part of you who says I AM and is I AM.”



The Impersonal Life by Joseph S. Benner

Great love still abounds in this world for the departed “King of Rock and Roll,” Elvis Presley. Elvis made a larger-than-life public contribution to the world of music, while privately seeking a path to spiritual peace and higher love. Joseph S. Benner’s The Impersonal Life, was Elvis’s favorite book next to the Bible. He gave out copies by the score to friends and acquaintances.” His biographers describe Elvis as a spiritual seeker who felt there was more to his mission in life than achieving incredible fame and fortune through performing. The Impersonal Life was the book Elvis had been looking for all his life.” It was 1964 when Elvis received a copy of the book from a friend. He began studying it constantly and underlining passages. Clearly, he had found a message that spoke to his heart and soul, one that answered those burning questions that blocked the way to his peace of mind. He longed to be in touch with the Divine and feel that he was connecting to and sharing that Divine energy called love. Joseph Benner felt called to channel the words in The Impersonal Life and first published it anonymously in 1914. In his Introduction, he identifies the voice speaking through him in the book: “More than all, try to realize that the ‘I’ speaking throughout the Message is the Spirit within, your own Soul, the Impersonal Self, the Real You.The great blessing of the Message is that, if you are ready, the ‘I’ speaking herein will continue to speak direct to you from out your own heart, after you lay aside the book, and in so intimate and convincing a way that It will make clear all your problems, be to you a fount of Wisdom and Strength, and bring you Peace, Health, Happiness, Freedom—an abundance of everything your heart desires.” The publishers of the Graceland edition of The Impersonal Life, with Elvis’s picture on the cover, call it “The Little Book in which Elvis Found the Light.” They cite the dozens of copies of the original book that Elvis bought and gave away to his friends, saying, “You have to read this!” I couldn’t agree more that this book contains precious wisdom of the life-changing kind. It spoke to Elvis in the voice he was seeking and it speaks to me—I read it three times within the first week—it is food for the Soul. You can get a Kindle edition on for $2.99—it is only 109 print pages. I would love to hear your thoughts on this book.