Life’s Big Question #5 – Life In Prison or the Death Penalty?

When I hear discussions about the question of sentencing someone to life in prison or giving them the death penalty, it seems most agree that the death penalty is the ultimate punishment. This has been confusing to me because, in my view, the death penalty would send the person to that “better place” we always talk about; and, if it’s punishment we’re looking for, what kind of punishment would that be? I’ve decided that to believe the death penalty is the ultimate punishment then there has to be a belief in Hell, a place “down there” somewhere, a place of eternal torment. Since I believe that Heaven and Hell are right here, right now, depending on the choices we make, then life in prison would be that place of eternal torment and the death penalty would be an escape from Hell. What do you think?


One Response to Life’s Big Question #5 – Life In Prison or the Death Penalty?

  • Dori Thomas says:

    Sally, I could not agree more! I think that death is the ultimate awesome thing, so why would we want to make that happen for those who are punished? I too agree that Heaven and Hell are here right now (I believe Heaven is within us and Hell is the world to be specific). Religion unfortunately has created this illusion that we must first die to have either Heaven or Hell and that if we do good things we go to Heaven and if we do bad things we go to Hell. What a distortion of it all. I encourage others to do a lot of research into the “creation” of Heaven and Hell, it is very eye opening to say the least! Great post, thanks so much for the convo!!